I'm so disturbed

While browsing the NP boards recently, I came across this thread by a woman whose boyfriend of 6 years refuses to wash his locs. This has gone on for the last year. Yep. Threhunned and sixty six days (2008 is a leap year) have gone by and this man has not so much as put shampoo, water, baking soda, or apple cider vinegar to his head. He works out at the gym 5 days a week and brags to his woman how other women still check him out. He's proud and delusional.

While I'm disgusted by his lack of hygeine, I'm also disturbed by his actions toward his girlfriend. Even more, I'm saddened that she has continued to let this go on. Despite much of the advice she is getting on NP (all 3 pages at the time of this post), sistagirl is still reticent to take action. Phew! I've definitely done some crazy things because I looooooved someone. But this right here? My nose, sensitive stomach, and gag reflex would not allow me to stay. Have a look for yourselves by clicking here.

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