Intro Intro Introducing

*Taps mic* Is this thing on??? *waves* Hey Fam!

I started this here blog because I didn't want to bombard my other one with hair stuff. You'll still get the same Timah - blunt, sarcastic, raw, lovable, and all that other good stuff... but there will be lotsa hair talk over here and maybe a few contributors from time to time. Look out for pics, videos, tuts, and recipes. And, because I'm not in the mood to manage more than the 3 blogs that I already have, you might get some natural skin care stuff on this one too. Wuddayagonnado?

Before I forget... Here are my general disclaimers:

  • I choose to wear my hair Au Naptural. This is a space to celebrate my naps and by doing so am I in any way, shape, or form bashing those who have not made the same choice as I.

  • What works for me may not work for you.

  • I'm not an expert on all things hair. I'll share what I know, and welcome input from others to fill in the gaps for things that I don't know (or to correct any misinformation).

  • When possible, I try to use all natural products. If that's not your thing... refer to the 2nd bullet. *shrugs*
Still here? Good! Skip to the next post for hair stuff.

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