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Photo Credit: Isabel Pinto as seen on worldconnection.com

Thanks to the ladies of NP, I have been introduced to Sara Tavares. Not only is this woman absolutely gorgeous, but her music is soooo soulful. Her voice is like air. I don't speak a lick of Portugese or Kriolo, have lost most of my French, don't remember any of my Italian, and am still struggling to maintain what little Spanish I have left. In spite of my defunct language capabilities, I still understand. Like I said to MiMi last night, I may not consciously understand what she's saying but my spirit definitely knows what it means.

The first song I heard by her was Balan I think she meshes like 3 or more languages and even more musical styles... and it ALL works. My favorite part of the song is this verse

Somos livres para celevrar
Somos livres para nos libertar
Como crianças brincando
Crianças sorrindo
Crianças sendo crianças... ah!
Como crianças brincando
Crianças sorrindo

The only words I understood were somos livres - we are free. As soon as I heard it my eyes closed, right fist went in the air, and my head and my hips were swaying back and forth. I looked up at the video a few seconds later and saw she was basically doing the same thing. Maybe that's odd to some (*ahem*Mimi*ahem*), but it was in that moment that I truly understood just how powerful good music really can be.

The translation to that verse is roughly...
We are free to celebrate
We are free to be free
Like children playing
Children smiling
Children being children...

Here is a video of her performing One Love live. If this doesn't make you want to get up and dance, then something is definitely wrong with you. Remember my make-believe-nowhere-near-happening-anytime-soon wedding? Yea. I want this song played as my entrance song. Forget that dreadful here comes the bride crap and marching stoicly! By the time I get married (if it ever happens) I'll be so damn happy that I won't be able to contain my joy or my urge to dance towards my soon-to-be hubby. No doubt. There will be lots of dancing at my wedding and throughout my marriage just as there is in my life now. Sorry went on a little tangent there. But you get the point. Take off your shoes and enjoy the music.

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