Spa Party

A while back I had a Girls' Night In Spa Party. The idea was to use all natural ingredients to pamper ourselves for an evening. When I say all natural, I mean ALL natural - and affordable. Think oatmeal, honey, chocolate, baking soda, epsom salt, sugar, sea salt, and yogurt.

Despite the unexpected snowstorm, there were only 7 of us, but it was perfect. I gathered some recipes from the net, whipped up the goodies, and treated the ladies to a night of facials and manicures. We ate finger food, sipped wine and infused water, laughed, and indulged. Fun times! I promised I would send them links to the recipes so here goes...

Our facial routine was as follows:

1. Cleaned face with a natural cleanser, soap, or cleansing towel (we used the latter).

2. Exfoliated with either Oatmeal Exfoliating Scrub (this was used for sensitive skin) or Sugar & Spice Scrub. Once this was done, the ladies used a Brown Sugar Lip Scrub.

3. To my surprise, everyone tried the Moisturizing Chocolate Face Mask and looooved it. They applied some cucumber slices for the eyes and relaxed for 15 minutes.

4. I had them finish with an Egg White Mask (applied EggBeaters to the face & let it tighten) to even skin tone and reduce pores.

After manicures, I sent each of the ladies off with their very own bag of bath salts and a few ideas for homemade gifts.

Maddie Ruud has some awesome Facial Masks Recipes and Body Scrub and Salt Glow Recipes.

RecipeZaar has some great finds like:

Natural Lemon Astringent and Pore Reducer
Quick Facial Rejuvenator
Simple Sugar Scrub
Brown Sugar Exfoliating Bath Scrub
Lemon (Or Lime) Sugar (Or Salt) Scrub
Gingerbread Body Scrub
Sugar & Spice Milk Bath
Martha Stewart's Foot Soak
Extra Soothing & Aromatic Bath Salts with Milk

More scrub recipes can be found here, foot soak recipes can be found here, and facials can be found here.

Hope this helps you with your next Spa Party or evening of self-indulgence. As usual, drop me a line in the comments if you have some questions or care to share your fave all natural skincare recipe.


  1. aaaw...you guys look like you had so much fun
    those recipes are so yummy!!

  2. That is an awesome idea!! Especially for winter and of course if you're on a budget;-)


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