Briadloc Rod Set

I had an event last night and decided to experiment with my hair. A big risk considering I had no clue how the rod set was going to look once it dried. I had very little time and was determined to make it work no matter what it looked like... Or wash out the curls and keep it moving.

Here's the video showing what I did. I'm very aware that I am acting very vain and coquettish in the first half of the video. I guess I was feeling myself just a bit. LOL! Ignore my antics and see the style at the end. I'm washing the curls out soon because my scalp is itching (I was lazy and rinsed my hair before curling instead of washing) and I need to tighten up my roots. Enjoy!


  1. Fabulous babes!! I lovesss it! Is your hair a little reddish-brown now? Beautiful!

  2. Thanks! Yes, Ma'am-a-lam it is cherrywood now. Am off to stalk... I mean read your blog riiight now.


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