Lochawk Success

Sooooo... About this lochawk. I just went for it and it worked! Too bad I had to take it down last night. Ah well. I used a bunch of tiny black rubber bands that were going to waste in the bottom of my hair supply cabinet. Started by making a small ponytail at the nape, then working my way up to my crown. That's the best description you will get out of me today. I'll do a tut or something if you reaaaaally want to see it. Otherwise, enjoy my foolish fabulousness. Yes, I was feeling myself very much last night. These moments don't come often, so I celebrate them when I can.



  1. I think it works! And the make-up, TIGHT! Why don't you also add make up posts? Maybe too complex? I dunno!

  2. Thanks, chickadee! I don't know why I don't do makeup posts. Laziness? I'll try one this month and see how it goes.


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