More Frizz & Other Updates

OK, folks. I know I said at the beginning of this journey that I would embrace the frizz. But... errrrr. ummmm... uhhhh. This stuff is getting out of hand. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if my hair actually appeared to be moisturized. I need to drink more water and do more oil treatments or something.

I've re-incorporated the ACV rinses back into my routine and it's been helping with the itchies. I wonder if the itching I have now can be attributed to stress (I itch and scratch when nervous) or growth.

A strand of my hair came aloose from one of my babies. I stretched it out and it was dang near bra strap length. I'm not big on length checks, but I'm not going to sit here and lie to you fine folks and claim that I don't care about length either. Pshhh! If I'm completely honest, I'll admit that one of the main reasons why I'm growing locs is to see just how long they will get. My favorite hairstyle was to keep my hair in microbraid extensions. I loved the look. Now, I am curious to see how my locs will look when they get that long.

I have serious hand-in-loc disease! Too bad this hasn't extended to me actually re-tightening any of my locs. Well, that's a lie. I did a quickie attempt to tidy up the first two rows over the weekend. It's not that I don't have the time, I'm just not motivated to work on my hair right now. I do wonder, however, how much of a difference the re-ti session would make on how my frizzy ends look. Maybe I'll get started tomorrow so that they are a bit more tidy for my half marathon on Saturday.

I still suck at taking pictures... and trying new styles. Here are a few shots from this past weekend in DC with my cousins.

My cousin was playing paparazzi while I was getting ready.

Filling up our SmartTrip cards

Changing purses before we left for our dinner cruise on the Potomac.

Me and my Boos (cousins) celebrating Boo #1's (middle) birthday.


  1. I have no idea what the process is like so it's exciting to read about yours!! I love when ladies care about their hair. So many girls just don't!! Cute pics!

  2. I want those earrings in the first pic! LOL! I always love to read about loc journeys. I have such a weak hairline, I don't think I can do it. Your hair is beautiful!

  3. @Lah: Glad you enjoy the hairstories. LOL! And you know I'm dying at "I love when ladies care about their hair. So many girls just don't!!"

    @Marilie: LOL! I love those earrings. I don't have the strongest hairline in the world, but it's getting better. Regardless, I've been combining a few in that area just to be safe. Thanks for stopping by.


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