Loc Lovefest

I absolutely LOVE my hair!!!! I especially love the way it behaves when I dance. When I was younger, I was taught to use my hair as an extension of myself and my movements. That's probably why I'm also the queen of the hair flip today. Swish. Swoosh. Tussle. Flip! What? You thought only Becky and them could do that? Nerp! My baby locs can flip with the best of them. When I took belly dance class last year, there was a move where the teacher would flip her hair. I did it, but having a Big Ass Afro and all, it didn't have the same effect. Ask me to do this move again now. So seshy!

My rubberband popped tonight in African dance class and it might have been the best thing that happened to me. With my hair now loose, I could flip it as I moved. Man! It's like a whole new dancer came out of me. The routine I'd previously done just seemed to come to life all of a sudden. I was in my element. My hips had a sassier sway to them, I bent down a bit lower on certain steps so my hair would dramatically move whenever I got back up, the jumps and turns I did felt stronger now that my hair was following my body's lead. It was awesome... and I'm sure I'll feel it in the morning.

But, for now, I'm having a love affair with my locs. While the other loced sistas in the class had their long hair pulled back, when I finally released mine, my short babies were shaking around the dance floor. I loved every minute of it. In that moment, I paid no mind to the fro envy I get from time to time. I forgot about the fact that I still need to re-ti the back portion of my head. I gave no thought to how I would probably need to rinse my hair now full of sweat. All of my thoughts were about how lovely it felt to have my tresses accentuate my moves. I felt feminine and free. Ahhh! This is great!


  1. When I read stories like this, I really want to loc my hair. My brother has locs, and they are ridiculously gorgeous! We have similar hair textures, although not the same. Once I saw his grow out, I thought about it. Then I knew I would be a wreck when they got to the "ugly" stage (too short to be long, and too long to be short). But I refuse to pay $400 for loc extensions. Plus, I worry about my edges. I think for now, I'll just have to live vicariously through your locs and his. :)

  2. Shake them locs girl, I know I am!! lol

  3. Yes it is nothing like baby locs dancing! Later it turns into whips, hence the long loc ladies with the snatch back. Enjoy this time, just like babies they grow!


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