Its Working, Its Working!

Ok so yesterday I mentioned that I was on a quest to find a new deep conditioner, and I think I have found it. Let me start by saying, I think I may be the only naptural who is not impressed with Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Pak. It gives me no slip and my actually feels like I have shampooed it rather than deep conditioned it. So I started researching a little more and I saw that Elasta QP DPR-11 received pretty good reviews, so I went to my local beauty supply store and picked it up.

I took out my braids last night and gave my hair a good shampooing (which I rarely do) so my hair was definately in need of a little TLC. Even after my regular conditioner, my hair was a dry tangled mess. And just when I thought a big chop was in my future, DPR came and saved the day.

I felt like this man:

I applied it generously to my wet hair and 15 mintues later, my Denman brush was gliding through my hair. And to make it even better, this product is only $6! I love when cheap products work. After I detangled my hair, I twisted it in sections and rinsed out the deep conditioner with my twist still in. Afterwards I applied my Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercream and twisted it back up.

Here's a pic of the results

I'm a little out of practice but I am still pleased with the results.

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