Moisturize Your Situation

... And preserve your sexy. I still crack up every time I think about Diddy saying this on the skincare infomercial. Funny as it is, it's sooo true. A head full of dull, dry, brittle hair is very much NOT sexy.

Here are some of my favorite products I use to moisturize (and condition) my tresses and scalp:

Castor Oil - That nasty stuff your grandparents used to give you to alleviate constipation has another use. It moisturizes and conditions your hair. It is also a humectant (see Vegetable Glycerine).

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) - Pick some up at your local grocery store on the cheap. I buy it by the gallon now because I cook with it and use it from head to toe. Apply to a freshly washed scalp, add to a spritz (see Water), or use as a hot oil treatment.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (EVCO) - I found this at Wal.mart in the supplement aisle, but I like the NOW brand I find at my local healthfood store much better (it's organic). This oil is wonderful as it smells heavenly and isn't too greasy. I apply a small amount to my body after the shower (before I dry off) and to my hair after a wash or rinse. I also use it in conjunction with other oils and herbs on my scalp (see Loose Herbs entry). Just a note, EVCO should be solid below room temperature and liquid above room temp (75 F).

Honey - Is a natural antibacterial substance. Besides tasting awesome, honey also gives your hair sheen. It can be used in conjunction with oil as a conditioning hot oil treatment.

Vegetable Glycerine - Can be found at your local healthfood store. It's a humectant in that it draws moisture from a humid environment into your hair (the verdict is still out on whether it has reverse effects when the environment is dry). In warm weather I use a spritz of 2 oz glycerine and 6 oz water every other day. You should play with the mixture as too much glycerine can make your hair a drippy, sticky mess. I don't use this in cold weather. Instead, I switch to castor oil.

Shea Butter (Unrefined) - This is a great conditioner and moisturizer although some folks (self included) find it to be a bit heavy on the scalp. I use a small amount on my ends. Sometimes I melt it in a double boiler and add it to my hot oil treatments. I also whipped it (and EVCO) with a hand mixer and used it when I two strand twisted my hair.

Water - Gone are the days when you must shield your relaxed hair from water. From filtered to distilled, water is a Naptural girl's best friend! Keep some in a small spray bottle and mist your hair with it as needed. You may add things to the water such as oil (EVOO, Castor), vegetable glycerine, a small amount of your fave conditioner, or a combination of any of these.

Sweet Almond Oil - This is another gem for me. I use it from head to toe. It's pretty light, gives my skin a nice glow, and isn't too clogging for my pores.

All of the above were used when I was a loose nappy. Now that I'm approaching my 3rd month of pop locing :-) I have streamlined just a bit. Number 1 on my list is water. My locs absolutely lurve it! I spritz my babies with water and a dollop of castor oil every day (when I'm not being lazy). After I finish washing or rinsing my hair I apply EVCO to my ends and apply either my infused oil or sweet almond oil to my scalp.

I no longer use shea butter on my locs for fear of it attracting too much lint. I miss it sooo much. I will try to re-incorporate it somehow. I will slowly begin to add veggie glycerine and honey back into my routine as the weather gets warmer. Perhaps I'll mix something up for a hot oil or deep conditioning treatment within the next month.

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