On Frizz and Styling

To continue the celebration of my 3 months of locdom, I'd like to talk very briefly about my frizz and styling.

Frizz is a part of the locing territory. This is the only place where I embrace my fuziness. Someone told me that my hair looked unkempt. It's not that my hair looks bad (IMHO), I think it's because she has never seen me with a hair too much out of place. Even my wild fros were styled just so. Don't ask how. LOL! Now? I'm happy to let it do it's own thing.

But, I also wonder if I am letting it do its own thing a bit too much. I need to up my styling game. I usually rock a tussled freestyle look.
Occasionally, I might do a mini pony on a side in the front for a change. I did this with my last set of twists, but can't seem to find pics of this style on my locs.
My standard going out style is to pin up one side (I love asymmetry) and create a swoop of layered locs coming forward on the other (see my Blogger profile pic).

I also need to take more pictures of my hair. Then again, I didn't take too many pics as a loose nappy so I don't know why I would expect that to change now.

My goal for this weekend is to curl my babies and take pictures of them. This will also buy me some time before I get to latching again. Should be simple enough.


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous. I know that people get nervous when the parts in your hair are not as visible as when it is freshly done. It makes them think of those people you see on the street with one giant loc. As long as your hair is clean and manageable dont sweat the haters.

  2. Thanks. You're so right! The "haters" are just ignorant. They are the main ones walking around with scraggly edges and limp relaxers. I'll take my unkempt locs over that, thankyouverymuch. LOL!

  3. I hear ya on the haters! Didn't Kat Williams say we need to be working on getting that 17th hater by summer? LOL I believe I overheard one hatin'on my hair this past Sunday...she was wearing a wig and yes a limp relaxer underneath! I was not gonna post about this, but now that you bring it up I just might. LOL As far as styling, chile my game is below nursery school level. Right now I freestyle 24/7. LOL


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