Three! Three Months of Locs.

I always loved The Count from Sesame Street! He had the coolest cape and his laugh was pretty wicked. Ah! Ah! Ah!

Anyyyyyway, I'm approching my 3rd month of locdom over here and still loving every bit of it. To celebrate, I'll do 3 posts with random things I've observed or learned so far.

Twisting my new growth is neat and quick, but is a waste of my time. I wash my hair way too much for that. I also don't like having to use products to make that stuff stay put. All those clips and thangs while I wait for my hair to dry? No, thanks! Pass the latching tool, please. Oh, and by the way... When you're latching, if you think you can get in just one more rotation - DON'T! Talk about a sore scalp? Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.

Water does a body good. Especially since my hair is dyed (*gasp* That's not natural. Yea. Whatever. Bite me!), it needs all the moisture it can get. Water is cheap and readily available around these parts, so that's what I use. I spritz and rinse in agua. Now if only I could remember to keep drinking it. *shrug* Be sure to check out MsFullroller's post called Moisture, Moisture, Moisture.

Adding water can also cause my hair to shrink as it dries. Shrinkage is a beast. It shall not be tamed by me, though. More shrinkage means that my babies are just hugging themselves a bit tighter. I'm all for that. The curlies at the end of my hair are getting more compact. I will miss them when they're gone.


  1. Thanks for the shout out sis! Girl, you aint neva lied when talking about retightening too close to the scalp. Yep shrinkage is a mofo. I was thinking of doing a quick post on that very topic. Congrats on the 3 month mark! Alright missy where are the pics...I'm waiting! lol

  2. No problem! The pics? See. What had happened was.... LOL! I think I address that in my next post. I haven't been taking pics because I haven't been doing anything to my hair.


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